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Laura Kate Wrote

1st time passer
A massive thank you to Bob at Clover! He has made me into a driver!

I have been learning to drive since I was 17... That´s 10 years! I have had my confidence massively knocked by unsupportive instructors and unnecessary pressure. Bob was the complete opposite. He used my nerves for the greater good and gave me the nudge I needed to believe in myself. I have only had lessons with him for 4 months..... I now not only feel like I´ve passed my test but that I am a GOOD driver. I only got two minors on a silly thing that I knew I had done and it´s a bloomin miracle!

If you need an instructor who is supportive, fun, patient and understanding..... This is the guy.

Thanks Bob for making driving a pleasure and not a chore.

Laura Kate x

Clover School of Motoring, for Manual, Automatic, in and around Skegness. Male and female instructors.
Clover School of Motoring
 0800 955 2007
 07810 064094

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