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Reviews from pupils who passed with Clover Driving School

Michael Spikings wrote. sept 19

Wow thanks to Clover I have passed my test today, one of, if not the best instructors in Skegness and surrounding areas, without them I don´t think I´d have passed.
Thanks again Bob, seriously recommend these guys, no beating around the bush either straight to the point and explains in detail everything you need to know, fantastic driving school.

Leah Starsmore wrote.set 19
Bob has been amazing, he has worked hard to encourage me,I was at the stage where I felt like giving up, and I needed that kick, which he did.
I could not thank him enough, then passing with only one fault, he has made my life and my son such much easier,
No more home deliveries, we have had day trips to parks and zoos, I highly recommend Bob to everyone. Thank you.

Sophie Wright wrote. Aug 19
Fantastic instructors so happy and funny to be around so makes you feel at ease of felling anxious.
They are all amazing to get on with and very high pass rate I passed with Bob 4 months ago Lovely team to learn with I loved every minute of it.

Dionne Ellis wrote, Aug 19
I changed driving schools after a number of failed attempts, It was the best move I ever made, Richard explained everything clearly, helped me gain confidence and he even cured my fear of roundabouts.
I can never thank him enough for being so patient, funny supportive and just plain awesome.

Ellie May Leybourne wrote, aug 19
Such an incredible driving school with fantastic instructors, who are so warm, welcoming and funny making learning to drive such a joy!!!

Catherine Welsh wrote, Aug 19
I passed my driving test 7 years ago with Bob.
He was absolutely amazing, I had started out with a different instructor but having not got along with them I changed to Clover and it was amazing.
I felt so relaxed and comfortable, Bob never made you have any more lessons than needed, definitely recommend.
Thanks Bob.

Zo Clemence wrote, aug 19
Fantastic driving school, awesome instructors, thank you to Richard could not have done it without you x.

Donna Whittington wrote,
I passed with Bob 6 years ago now, and what a fabulous driving instructor, I always recommend Clover driving school to everyone I know.
I was a very nervous driver and after every lesson i grew more and more confident.

Carly Williams wrote.
I was a very nervous driver I have high anxiety, was very hard on myself and of top of all that my fear was not having a female instructor.
I had previously had lessons in a manual car with a different instructor, but I could not get on with the gears, and was about to give it up.
I messaged Clover Driving School and started my lessons with Clover Bob in an automatic.
As soon as I got in the car i felt so much at ease, he understood me, talked to me, and taught me in a way I was no longer stressed about it.
The whole driving process and I started to gain confidence, not only in my driving, but in myself, I realised that to be able to learn to drive I gad to make mistakes, and a time and place to make them,as weeks went by I improved massively.
I passed my theory test first time,and I have just passed my practical first time and I cannot recommend Clover Bob enough.
I´m still in shock,that I´ve passed, if your like me, then a long story short, give them a ring.
They will help you every step of the way, I´m starting another chapter in my life and that´s all because of Clover Bob.

Leanne Bramley wrote:
Best driving school ever.
I passed my test 1st time October 2014 after only 3 months of lessons.
I had previously had lessons with someone else were I used to live, however I had gotten nowhere after spending a lot of money and I had zero confidence, I actual thought of driving terrified me, but Bob was so calm and made it eas, there was no judgement and it was a pleasure to have passed with him.
The lessons were enjoyable and you really look forward to the next, highly recommend Clover 100% x

Melissa Pilton wrote:
I´ve never met anyone with has much patience as Bob, he´s brilliant.
I am so determined to pass with him, he helped me through my theory and even when i thought I would´nt pass, I did.
Next leap is my test, I´d recommend this school to anyone, simply because Bob is so easy to work with.
My partner passed with Clover Richard, they are not out to money grab like some, Clover is the helping hand you need when it comes to lessons.

Chris White wrote:
Best driving school ever, Bob is second to none.
I don´t really know Gemma and Richard, but all I have heard is good about them.
Thank you very much Bob, see you around buddy.

Alfie Hobbins wrote:

Clover bob has helped me so much.
I started driving in june and now I have passed in August.
I am over the moon.
Bob is very good at his job, and with me being dyslexic he took his time and found different ways to explain things to me.
This clearly worked as I have now passed first time.
Thank you so much Bob, your a top man.

Sam Brown wrote:
I passed nearly four years ago now, with Bob first time.
I am a wheelchair user and used hand controls to drive, and at the time Bob had a car that was adapted and suitable for me.
My disability did not matter to Bob, which meant a lot to me just being treated like anyone else and I always looked forward to my lessons.
I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Chelsea Ann wrote:

Fantastic driving school, very patient and friendly, I would definitely recommend..


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