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Fast track Driving course

We are the only school that can offer this fast track pass.
we use three cars and three instructors, spending every hour we can in the few weeks it takes to complete.
Since starting this fast track 6 months ago, we have a 100% pass rate, YES, you did read 100% pass rate, no one has failed on this course.
100% pass rate is fantastic.
How do we do it?

If you have passed the theory test, we simply ask you to book a test, if the test is for two weeks time or three weeks time, we will fit you in and complete your test.
You will not use one instructor, we use three, we find using three instructors gives you the knowledge from three experts, not one,
Our pass rate proves we can do it.
Call us today, and ask about the fast track, spaces are very limited.
we do not offer automatic fast track at present.
We are about to
Launch fastrack on auto very soon, call us with any questions.

Clover School of Motoring
 0800 955 2007
 07810 064094

Clover School of Motoring, for Manual, Automatic, in and around Skegness. Male and female instructors.
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