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Course and lesson prices

Below are details of our lessons and course prices. Please call for details of special offers


Standard Lessons


At Clover, we do not do any offers, offers are derived from price cutting in business.
We do not enter into these prices
We charge a good price for high quality lessons with the highest grade instructors, and brand new cars.
£50 for 5 lessons etc, is fine, but if you think about an instructor spending an hour with you, fuel, time, car, there is nothing at the end for the instructor.
You will spend most of your lesson talking to save fuel.
Eventually the cut price cost will be recouped from you.
There is no such thing as cheap lessons.
But there is such a thing as quality.
On your next cut priced lesson, take a note of, how long your sat still, how many books and diagrams your shown, maximum should be 10 minutes and no more.

Price Per Hour

1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour lessons available.

We constantly update our cars and keep up to date, ensuring you drive the most recent vehicles.
Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic lessons, No clutch or gears to worry about.

Press the gas and go.

Press the brake and stop.

A faster pass is achieved in an auto car.
Block Bookings

10 Hours

We do not offer reductions, our costs rise all the time, and i am sure you are aware of this in every day life.
We are a very popular driving school, and this is down to grade A instructors, new cars, and superb tuition.
Cutting lesson costs is not our way of gaining custom, word of mouth is good enough for us.

5 Hours

Further Instruction

Refresher course


Motorway Lessons


Pass Plus

On the pass plus we use, A1, M1, M180, M18, A1M and

M62 motorways covering up to 300 miles on the course.

Up to an 10 hour drive on the day.
This depends on traffic, but we do try to complete under this.

Clover School of Motoring
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Clover School of Motoring, for Manual, Automatic, in and around Skegness. Male and female instructors.
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