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We can use several ways to teach you on your journey to self employment, and YOU earn your own money

Being a driving instructor is a very rewarding job, you join in on the day when your customer passes the driving test, and you (the instructor) got them there.

At Clover we can teach you to become a driving instructor.

We have a unique way to teach and help you achieve this.

Call me anytime to talk this over, there are a 101 questions to ask when you are considering this career.

Working around your current job, you can soon develop this into the career change you are looking for.

To fund driving instructor training, you can pay up front, or by installments, all debit and credit cards accepted.

Complete help with setting up your own business and marketing your new career, franchise is also available.

Gemma joined us last year, as the youngest female instructor in the country, to pass all the grades required to teach, and holds the highest grade attainable.

Clover has also gained a fantastic instructor, to run her own sister company clov-her.

We also have Richard who has years of experience in the driving industry, and a vast knowledge of the trade, he also holds a full HGV class one licence which can benefit every lesson he teaches.

Learn the pitfalls, rather than make them.

Talk to us today.

Clover School of Motoring
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Clover School of Motoring, for Manual, Automatic, in and around Skegness. Male and female instructors.
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